Tjeko Update – Impact of the new measures!

The measures seemed to be easing, but unfortunately that is not the case. Fortunately, it is not that bad compared to the previous lock-down. In recent days, the new measures in Uganda have been announced. We would like to share an update with you about what the coming time will look like.

Fortunately, it is not that bad for families and their work, but because many children are at home again, this also demands a lot from parents. All schools will be closed for the next two months. And that naturally creates concerns about the development of their children. You can imagine that this entails a lot of uncertainty and pressure.

Of course, the measures also have an impact on our work in Uganda and the team. Our team hoped to be able to start again with the Tjeko Live Lessons – Creativity Series.

In the near future, our team will focus on radio programs for children. Which they started at the beginning of 2020. Our Tjeko Clubs in the communities will of course continue!

Our team came up with the cool idea to go door to door with their new social enterprise program from Tjeko Fun Services: Uganda – The Bike Tour. The ride is in Jinja, with the renters of our bikes we visit the surrounding districts in Jinja like Bujagali, Busowoko waterfalls, Kigulu hills etc.

As you can read, a lot is happening again and we will continue to focus on what is possible! Be creative and innovative! Despite the continuous adjustment, our staff is doing well and we will share more with you soon!

Do you have a good tip for this eventful time or do you know someone who has great ideas for Tjeko? Feel free to email us!

Below you can read what the measures will be in Uganda over the next two months:


  1. Schools will be closed for 42 days from tomorrow
  2. Churches, mosques and outdoor worship closed for 42 days
  3. All teachers should be vaccinated before going to school
  4. Public, cultural meetings and conferences suspended for 42 days
  5. Travel from Category A countries will remain suspended, except for returning Ugandans
  6. Farming activities such as cultivating and plowing gardens and fishing continues
  7. Non-agricultural activities such as factories, construction, shopping malls and supermarkets remain open in accordance with SOPs
  8. Factories, hotels, markets, work under strict adherence to SOPs
  9. Wedding ceremonies and other social gatherings allowed with a maximum of 20 people under strict adherence to SOPs
  10. House parties are strictly prohibited
  11. Persons at funerals and vigils no more than 20 persons
  12. Weekly non-food markets suspended for 42 days
  13. Livestock markets suspended for 42 days
  14. All public transport between districts will be shut down for 42 days from June 10, 2021
  15. All inter-district travel is prohibited except between Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono for 42 days. Only trucks excepted. Except registered travel vehicles and official vehicles
  16. Public Transportation Allowed in Neighborhoods
  17. Trucks are only allowed for 2 people
  18. Fines will be issued if these guidelines are not followed.
  19. The curfew remains at 21:00. With the exception of boda bodas at 6:00 PM
  20. Only 30% of employees are allowed to work per day.

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