PLAY – free of charge, but priceless

Last month was the first try-out for the Tjeko Clubs. Now that not all schools are open due to the measures, we are increasingly seeing how important our Tjeko Clubs are and will become.

Oh how I miss it! The hot sun on my head, riding the boda boda to the big Fun Fair field! The hard work to get everything done in time before all the children run onto the field to play freely and not have to think about anything except the question ‘What am I going to play with next?’.

It all seems so long ago and at the same time our team in Uganda is on the road every day to spread the good news about PLAY!


How much more important does play become, if even school are (temporarily) dropped? Due to the current measures, not everyone can go back into education and that made me think of how happy I am that play is free, but also priceless … because what I sometimes try to explain about what a child can achieve by learning through play, is difficult to express in words ..

Last month was the first try-out for the Tjeko Clubs. When I speak to Brenda, our sweet and hard-working colleague, I get to hear a lot of the following: “Mirai the children are so excited when we are back, but not only the children, even the parents participate! They recognize our team, Tjeko’s theme song and the story they heard during our last visit. ”

And then my heart melts. Parents become children again for a while and children see their parents in a different way. We learn consciously and unconsciously throughout the day .. wonderful when it is casual, unplanned and automatic. So natural and so necessary.

This week the team in Uganda will share the second story called ‘A Respectful Team Player’ written by Phiona. This story is about a beautiful girl named Mannuella who has no respect for both her coach and her teammates. What happens when she realizes that respect is the key to success?

The team is looking forward to spending time with our Tjeko Club teams in the villages. At the end of our program we hope to organize a mini Fun Fair in the three communities.

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