When the student becomes the teacher

Story time! // Our Tjeko staff member Isaac, in the field, sharing with you his story.

We meet an eight years old boy called James and his younger brother. Today we are going to hand out Care and Play Packages in their village. These packages come with a bucket, soap, jerry can and a description of how to make a tippy tap for washing your hands.

James surprises us! He begins to teach us how to assemble the faucet before we begin the instruction and demonstrate how to build it.

My team and I are speechless because what he said was completely correct! Our question to him: “How do you know all this”?

With a loud voice he says: “I learned that from teacher Odongo from Kimasa Primary School when we learned about hygiene. He emphasized that we should wash our hands after going to the toilet.“ We looked at this smart boy with wide eyes and were speechless.

This boy knows what to do and why washing his hands is important. Thanks to Tjeko he now also has a hygienic option to wash his hands.

Their own Tippy Tap, for James and his family!

Using the Tippy Taps will help improve personal hygiene and promote the importance of washing your hands. In order to contribute to the prevention of disease spread.

It is fun to make a Tippy Tap and it is even more fun to use them!

When we left, he promised that he would start working in his Tjeko Diary from the Play packages every morning. In Tjeko Diary, children can write down their frustrations and emotions about Covid19 and the unpleasant consequences for their lives. This contributes to processing and resilience of the children.

Check out our new movie to see what the Tippy Taps look like and what our team is working on!

Read more about the Covid19 Response Uganda and how you can help.

Tjeko supports households in the immediate vicinity of our staff, which have been hit the hardest, by means of financial support and a helping hand.

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