We have a new piece of land where we can build an amazing Tjeko Fun Village!🌳

Do you remember our trip in October’21?
We made the first steps and got to know the new piece of land. It was still a secret project at the time. We explored the land and we looked our eyes out. We could not believe what we dreamed of for years, becoming reality! But we could already envision the land filled with children.. Running, jumping and the sounds of children playing!

In December’21 it got official!
Our team in Uganda signed the contract for the land in December and then it really got real! They are currently walking around with Ferdi and dreaming about the infinite possibilities! The coming years will be all about brainstorming, developing and seeing the implementation come to life!

Bosco Signing the official papers!

What will happen next?
It may be hard to imagine that this piece of land you see now will be completely jungle in the future! That is the next step and the dream for this beautiful place. This week Ferdi met with Sieger Burger and the team and learned a lot of new thing about food forestation and wateruse on the land.

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  1. Wow its a great idea, let’s get engaged in prayer until the project comes to reality, thanks for your great efforts.


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