Update from the Fun Village!

Fun Festival update from Phiona
Ebola and the government speech unfortunately brought us some challenges during the Festival. That affected our work. According to the government, the NGO’s are not allowed to visit events with the children during the holidays. The schools were closed earlier due to the restrictions, so children at NGO schools also had to go home earlier.

At the moment we are therefore mainly focusing on marketing at villages and churches in Jinja. On the one hand it’s very nice, but also challenging, because these groups can only come during the weekend.

Yet we are grateful that in recent weeks, despite the restrictions, we were able to receive 800 children.

To continue to reach the children, we will also continue to do our ‘drives! We go from village to village to announce Tjeko and our activities. The kids love it when we come! They enjoy and party along!  

The beautiful side!
Phiona: ‘So far I experience the Festival as great. Real great. – The children can play, laugh and really celebrate their childhood. We get beautiful testimonials from the parents how great it is at the Fun Village and that it is a – one of a kind – place.

Even the parents have never experienced so much joy together with their children before! We are thankful that this place makes it possible!

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