We continue to build!

Now that the Tjeko Fun Festival has started, the building doesn’t stop! We just keep going.. In addition to the Fun Village, we look forward to developing the campground and the food and – climb forest.

There will be a camping field where organization, churches, schools and families can stay with their children in the beautiful nature. In addition to the overnight accommodations, there will also be a central area with a multipurpose area where people can come together, cook and wash up.

There will also be space build for a cozy campfire corner. The first posts that will form the fence between the Fun Village and the Campground have been placed. This separation ensures that the country will get an increasingly clear shape of where and which events will take place.

These activities seem small, but are big steps for the development and future of Tjeko!

Do you want to build along? Please contact us at info@tjekoafrica.org or give us a call: +256771876738, we’d love to work together!

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